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Noise reduction principle of mute generator set
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Noise reduction principle of mute generator set:

1, damping facilities, diesel engine and generator and bridge between the use of high-performance shock absorber, reduce the noise generated by vibration.

2, sound insulation cover, the use of four to five layers of sound-absorbing material insulation enclosures, sound-absorbing sound, the effect is obvious.

3, exhaust muffler body, three layer of sound-absorbing material labyrinth exhaust muffler, not only to ensure the smooth ventilation, but also effectively closed the noise transmission.

4, into the wind muffler, three layers of sound-absorbing material labyrinth type into the wind muffler, not only to ensure that fresh air enough access, but also effectively closed the noise.

5, exhaust muffler, impedance compound muffler used, greatly reducing the emission of exhaust noise.

6, the power cable connection uses the fixed junction box structure, directly in the box outside the connection. In addition, the structure of the sound insulation door is similar to the sound insulation hood, the windows are double glazed, the doors and windows and enclosures are tightly sealed and the noise is sealed to the maximum extent.
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