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Proper use of diesel generator set
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:temperature

1. Don't work generatorimmediately after start. After start-up, should be low speed idling for a while, standby temperature rise, oil pressure is normal after put into operation. In this way, can prevent the machine temperature rising too fast and damage parts.

2. Stop the homework can't shut down immediately. Can't stop the heavy duty diesel engines just as immediately shut down, because the time temperature is very high, a stall fan immediately stop running, high temperature and the body to heat also can make each moving part is damaged. In addition, do not adopt the method of idle running before stall to cool. Because a lot of air-cooled diesel engine fan speed control by hydraulic coupling, and because the idle running time oil low pressure, low flow rate, so the adjustment of air volume decreased significantly, so it will makes the temperature rise of diesel engine. Therefore, we should make the diesel oil in medium and low speed idling for a while, standby temperature drop after appropriate stalled.

3. The machine temperature is too high. The normal work of the air-cooled diesel engine cylinder head temperature should be less than 120 degrees, than water-cooled diesel engine temperature is high, if do not pay attention to cylinder accident easily.

4. The lubricant must be reliable. Because of air-cooled diesel engine temperature higher than water-cooled diesel engine, so for the lubrication requirement is high also, only the movement kept reliable lubrication, can prevent scuffing, tile burning the occurrence of major accidents, etc.

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