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Three phase ac generator excitation principle
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Conductor cut magnetic generator pricelines induced potential of electromagnetic induction principle, motivation of the mechanical energy into electrical energy output. Synchronous generator by the two parts of the stator and rotor. The stator armature and rotor magnetic pole. Stator is united by an armature core, emissions and three-phase winding frame and end. Is usually controlled by a field winding and the rotor iron core, axis, retaining ring, the central ring, etc.

Rotor field winding into the dc current and generate nearly sinusoidal magnetic field (called the rotor magnetic field), the effective armature winding excitation flux and static cross chain. The rotor rotation, the rotor rotating magnetic field, together every week, every phase winding of the stator magnetic order, in the three-phase stator winding induction three-phase ac voltage. When the generator symmetrical load running, three-phase armature current synthesis to produce a rotating magnetic field of the synchronous speed. The stator magnetic field and the rotor magnetic field interaction, will create the braking torque. From the steam turbine mechanical torque input to overcome the braking torque. The generator can make active power and reactive power. Therefore, must adjust steam turbine regulating active power. The strength of the rotor magnetic field, directly affect the stator winding voltage and reactive power of generator terminal voltage or generator must adjust the rotor current.

Generator rotor dc supply system called rotor excitation generator excitation system. Large generator excitation method is divided into: 1. Generator is produced by generator excitation generator, alternating current (ac), converted to dc power supply, generator rotor is very excited. Self-motivation and excitation magnetic field generator transformer voltage transformer, and then into a dc power supply, the excitation of the generator rotor.

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