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The installation of the CAM shaft
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1 will be camshaft cleaned and painted with oil on the shaft neck, hands are not fair to the camshaft in the camshaft bearings.

2 put good every circle (with one side of the tank should be toward the surface of the camshaft thrust and thrust bearings (the oil hole must aim at oil hole on the body, the thrust bearing inner end face of two cylindrical pin should be inserted into the baffle hole), and then tighten the three set screw on the thrust bearing.

3 after the assembled camshaft rotates with the hand, should be no card lag phenomenon, otherwise should be reassembled.

4 check camshaft axial clearance. Move forward camshaft, measuring the gear inside face with axial clearance between front facet of thrust bearing, its value should be in the range of 0.195 ~ 0.645 mm. If the measured value is not in conformity with the technical requirements, should adjust the thickness of the baffle, until meet the requirements.

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