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The function of the emergency generator
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:power

The control of the generator electricemergency generator should have fast self-starting and automatic input device.When the main power with power failure, emergency unit should be able to fast self-starting and restore power supply, power level 1 load to allow time from 10 seconds to a few seconds, shall be determined according to the specific situation.When using the power of important engineering after power, should first to the determination of 3-5 s time, in order to avoid instantaneous voltage to reduce switching and the city power grid investment of time or standby power supply automatically, and then starting emergency generator's instruction.From the instruction, the unit starting, acc to take full load over a period of time.Generally large and medium-sized diesel engine need prelubricated and the warming-up process, make emergency load oil oil pressure, oil temperature, cooling water temperature comply with the provisions of the factory product technical conditions;Prelubricated and warm-up process in advance according to different situations.Such as military communication, large important foreign affairs activities of the hotel, public building at night with a large mass activity, a hospital for surgery and other important emergency units at ordinary times should be in prelubricated and warm-up state, so that rapid start at any time, as far as possible to shorten the power failure time.

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