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Diesel generating sets of exhaust pipe is how to return a responsibility?
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Diesel generator set generatorin multiple selection pressure sealing methods, such as cylinder liner, piston ring, the turbocharger rotor shaft, which usually sealed when about a third of the engine load, give full play to the effect that load per hour will be thin fiber leakage phenomenon happens.

If a unit in a small load work, one by one to follow the work of time, will have the following error:

1.cylinder piston seal, oil into the combustion chamber, burning, smoke. supercharged diesel engine, due to the low load, light, low pressure. Oil seal of the seal (non-contact type) is reduced, and the oil in the plenum chamber, and getting into the cylinder.

3. Psychic part of the cylinder oil burning, part of the oil can't complete combustion, valves, import, piston, piston ring, such as composition of coke, and part is the exhaust emissions. Therefore, cylinder exhaust will gradually accumulate oil, will form a coke.

4. For a long time to load is small, can cause more serious environmental deterioration in the moving parts wear of engine combustion lead to the result of the overhaul period. Therefore, the foreign diesel engine manufacturers. The focus of naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engine using should decrease as far as possible low load/no-load work time, and the rules cannot be lower than the minimum load unit power rating of 25%-30%.

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