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The same price of diesel generator what are the reasons of the floating up and down
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We are professionalgenset sizing of weifang generator, diesel generator manufacturers. In the sale of the generator, always meet customers ask: your side of the generator is good, but the total is higher than other manufacturer's price is how to return a responsibility? Here, our factory according to this problem, to explain for everybody in the same style, reasons of the diesel generator price fluctuate:

The same style, brand, but because of its power will make the size of the diesel generator has great difference on the price, in general, the greater the power, the higher the price of diesel generators.

Configuration of units, such as the unit of the four protection device, electric fuel pump, ATS full intelligent dual power automatic switch control cabinet, static speakers, trailer, etc., the selection of the model on diesel generator on price difference is very big, this also is the place that need to pay special attention to in the equipment purchase, a good unit, its configuration is generally have these options.

There are a number of factors, that is, the configuration of the unit itself, the same brand of product, the quality of the base, shock, rust on what will affect the price of diesel generators.

Take my factory unit, for instance, the base fixed on, our factory only USES a new channel steel base, solid, durable, and with high damping block, to ensure the safety of the unit efficient use; On the dashboard, I plant is the lacquer that bake dashboard, beautiful and can effective rust; Oil pump regulator with imported weichai, can effectively save oil and convenient operation. In this has many advantages not introduce one by one, can enter my factory product detail page for details.

All in all, I plant products in the same brand, the same configuration of diesel generating set, the most preferential price, all brand diesel generating sets the free warranty, no matter you are in the country where used, you will enjoy the free service, users all over the country, please rest assured to use.

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