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The common faults of gas generator
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A, when the throttle to the largest generatorposition, the maximum output power of the diesel engine is only about 60% of the rated power, apparently without load dynamic configuration. Fuel, gas distribution mechanism, the crankshaft link mechanism, and other related parts, maintenance and adjustment, strength is not restored.

Second, the fuel consumption increased significantly. Fuel consumption by more than 30% of the rated - 30%, machine oil consumption took more than two times the rated discharge oil, crankcase ventilation (or packing) to smoke oil mist, crankcase temperature increased significantly.

Three, cylinder liner, piston parts wear and tear. Cylinder liner wear of piston and crankshaft exceed the limit value. The body wear serious, so the cylinder liner seal ability and the cylinder pressure decreases.

Four, can't start smoothly. Is turned off, 50 to 60 degrees Celsius, cooling water temperature can't start smoothly, diesel engine operating temperature 70-90 degrees Celsius, cylinder also from piston and piston pin, the voice of the main bearing and connecting rod bearing.

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