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actuator assembly
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1 crankshaft gear assembly. First assembling crankshaft thrust plate, then install the driving gear. Note that on the gear positioning pin should be on the hole and the thrust plate, marked on the gear side outwards.

2 fuel injection pump drive bearing and shaft assembly.

a, two rolling bearings loaded on the drive shaft, then the shaft load bearing seat, and assembly hole with spring lock.

b, put away after the gasket, the transmission bearing assembly to the body hole, tighten the set screw, pay attention to the seat of two oil hole must be face up.

c, put gasket, oil seal cover on oil control and drive shaft flange, joint, tighten the set screw.

d, woodruff key assembly on the shaft, then the fuel injection pump drive gear mount, after insurance lock plate mount tight fixed nut. Note that marked on the gears side outwards.

3 woodruff key loaded on the camshaft drive shaft, put safety lock, then tighten the set screw.

4 drive motor of oil pump gear assembly. Don't put wrong when installation, gear concave itself is fixed on the bearing seat, and insurance lock.

5 time idle gear assembly. Crankshaft gear, CAM shaft gear and fuel injection pump gear will turn to the right place, will be three positioning timing on the idle gear, respectively with marks on the driving gear, marks on the camshaft gear, and marks on the fuel injection pump gear alignment after loading on the idler shaft. Mark the positioning of the good, put the lock piece, tighten the nut.

6 mount jilt oil pan, make the left oil pan dish outwards, the tight round nut and tighten.

7 of each gear meshing clearance between inspections. All kinds of gear assembly is completed, with a feeler gauge to check the gear, the meshing clearance between general should be 0.08 ~ 0.35 mm. If do not conform to the regulations, should adjust or replace gear. Measurement of gear meshing clearance as shown in figure 11 to 17.

8 body front cover assembly. Before the crankshaft oil seal, wrapped in front cover hole, color the sealant on the body, put a gasket on the plate or gasket again after coated with sealant. Aim the cover plate positioning pin, the front cover screws according to the technical requirements for tight.

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