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Diesel generator plays an important role in winter
Update:2017-02-09 Tags:generator

Every winter and summer, are the most vigorous time gasoline generator sales. Special remind everyone generator 300kwuse gasoline generators in the winter time, must pay attention to ventilation. The cold weather, people to avoid cold, open the various kinds of heating equipment, lead to a surge in electricity consumption, many governments electricity blackouts. Thanks to bad wind and snow, and freezing weather, also let power equipment damage more easily. Generating set in winter as backup power supply, play an important role, ensure personal and commercial users.

Generator bring convenience to people at the same time, must pay attention to safety use of generators. Nearly period of time of news, often use report generator of poisoning and even death. Why such a serious consequences of generator? Because, doors and Windows closed in winter, indoors in a relatively closed environment, basic not air circulation. The generator at the time of use, discharge of tail gas containing toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, so the indoor person is very easy to poisoning. Therefore, try not to use generator in winter indoor, in indoor must be placed in ventilated place.

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