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Analysis and elimination of injector of common failures
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Injector wear sealing silent diesel generatorcone (conical valve and needle valve cone and wear is due to the effect of impurities in the spring and diesel injector. Sealing surface wear can make the taper sealing ring contact surface expands unceasingly, tapered shape, roughness decreased. Therefore, syringe a drop of oil and coke near the hole, the formation of nozzle hole or blocked. Drip serious fuel injection nozzle, in the work will be intermittent impact sound, results in uneven diesel engine, exhaust, etc.

Elimination method: open the injector needle dips a little chrome oxide conical surface grinding fine grinding paste, and then clean with diesel, finally into the injector detection performance. If the test fails, the need to replace the needle valve. In the process of practical maintenance, especially pay attention not to paste the needle hole and maintenance without grinding paste can also be used in toothpaste or oil replacement.

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