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Mute generator need to be grounded?
Update:2017-02-04 Tags:generator

Mute generator seriesisuzu generator has a variety of structure and function, a hand push type, three rounds, four-wheel, car power stations, trailer power station, mobile low noise power station, mobile container, electric power engineering vehicles, etc. But it's the biggest characteristic is mobile and flexible, convenient user mobile generators of human and financial resources. The advantages and disadvantages, the more mute generator often move to generator grounding caused inconvenience. But from the production safety consideration, from the personal safety of users or grounding must be made to work.

From safety point of view, no matter how much of a generator, whether mobile generators or stationary generator, if the voltage is 400 v, it should be central point grounding, generator shell is grounded. If a voltage of 3 to 10 kv, the center is not grounded, but generator casing shall be grounded. For 400 v generator, when a wire grounding fault, if there is no grounding mute generator center, then the other two root wire to ground voltage will be increased from the original 220 v to 220 v, increase the risks of personal electric shock, so should be grounded. Once the mute generator enclosure grounding for generator internal wire insulation damage, contact with iron core, if mute generator shell is not grounded, not only it is difficult to judge fault protection, and not trip in time, and mute generator shell will have voltage, making access to the people at the risk of electric shock.

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