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135 series diesel engine body is introduced
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1, the structure characteristics of the body

135 series diesel engine is water-cooled diesel engine, the body is the tunnel structure, there are straight and v-shaped arrangement type two kinds, its physical appearance as shown in figure 3-2. 2, 4, and 6 cylinder body for in-line, 12 cylinder body USES is v-shaped arrangement type structure.

2, name and distribution of each part of the body

the body the name of each part and their distribution. Through the observation window on the body remove the piston connecting rod component, replace the connecting rod bearing shell, detachable oil pump coarse mesh unpick and wash, check the crankshaft and the main bearings, check whether the body's internal leaking; Through check the window to install and remove the valve tappet. Fuel injection pump gear output power through transmission connection plate to the high pressure oil pump camshaft, high pressure oil pump rotates.

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