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Loosen the start button after the drive gear cannot release from the flywheel ring gear judgment and elimination method
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after the starting of diesel engine,

gas generatorloosen the start button, the inside of the starter drive gear can't and flywheel ring gear fault is mainly due to the release of the starting circuit drive control, such as diesel engine while loosen the start button after starting, but starting circuit didn't disconnect, still lead to current through the starter. Another case is diesel engine starting, the starting circuit has been disconnected, but drive gear cannot exit from the flywheel ring gear, gear ring with high speed. Operating or maintenance personnel when meet this kind of situation, should be quickly disconnect earthing switch and stop diesel engine. The installation of grounding switch. Here are the above situation is analyzed.

(1) starting circuit fault judgment and elimination method

starting circuit drive control generally refers to all kinds of switch out of control, such as starting the electric lock damage or activity within the electromagnetic switch contacts and two static contact due to the starting time is too long and sintering, etc.

if doubt electric lock damage, check available multimeter electric block, the method is: use multimeter to measure electrical resistance value between two joint lock. When opening and closing electric lock two joint resistance is very small, and then starting the electric lock damage.

if start button works well, then the application multimeter measuring electromagnetic switch battery terminal and terminal magnetic field. If the measured resistance is small, then activity within the electromagnetic switch contact with two static contact sintering, should remove the electromagnetic switch, then touch events with a fine sandpaper smooth and static contact, fault can be ruled out after assembly.

(2) the starter machinery fault judgment and elimination method

Inside the

1 starter with flywheel ring gear drive gear cannot release the cause of the problem is the starter assembly adjustment is not correct, such as fork installed in mobile outer bushing, make the drive gear and flywheel ring gear gap is too small.

2 drive mechanism of return spring break or stretch after hours, can cause the above phenomena. Inspection method is to use a screwdriver with leverage drive gear side move forward, quickly pull out after the screwdriver drive gear should be able to return automatically. If the return is slow or does not return, starter should break down, change the return spring.

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